Thursday, August 5, 2021

Up in Smoke, ..again!


One might think, "..what's the big deal, couple of trees on fire!" and looking at this photo beside here from the Canim Lake Fire taken on July 05, 2021 I'd tend to agree somewhat. But as usual, it's easy to get hung up on the snippet that either sensationalizes or diminishes on the whole story all subject to the agenda that is being driven by mass media and it's daily dose of woke hype and hypocritical BS. Did I just type that? 

In a world where we are being ever so overfilled by by GB's of information it has become harder and harder to filter of what is real and what is really overhyped. Well let me tell you, the fact that we are loosing forest lands at an unprecedented rate is no overstatement. What is going on? Climate Change? Warming Planet? ..coming out of an Ice Age? Maybe the mere fact that for years the forest industry,  its multi-national benefactors and governments alike been more concerned on Forest Revenue than Forest Health? I guess it is the sum of all and depending which side of the aisle your'e on, the weighting of the facts drastically changes. Fact remains, it's happening all over the globe. Beam me up Scottie! 

Our latest video is up, check it out below; 

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