Saturday, April 2, 2022

Winter 2022 Update

 Winter Season 2022

Let's just say that this past winter certainly made up for the rather dismal 2021 season as Nellie, the Screaming Demon (Willis) and Jeff in Fussy (Cessna 150/150TD) got several joint fly outs into the local playgrounds of the Cariboo.  Besides that, I had ample of opportunity to get some flights in myself, but not all were taken. Nellie worked rather flawless and we've added another 20hrs bringing the total up to over 70 now. YEAH 😎 

Our last fly-out (Sausage - Cook out) took as back to Lang Lake where we, in total surprise, met up with the Ski Flyers out of Springhouse Airpark that enjoyed some fishing. How was the fishing you wonder, ..let's just say the brought along sausages where a rewarding idea 😋

I'm not going to type up some full trip report(s) but rather let you have a peek enclosed down below. 

Update on Projects: 

The Merlin 670 was placed on a set of 1500 skis and they worked really well throughout the whole winter. Damon was able to put in 15hrs with 0 issues and really enjoys the performance he is getting with this Rotax Rick engine upgrade. The Merlin is back at our place and awaiting the installation of floats and the ice to go out. 

The Beaver Fever Project is coming along slowly and has made it from the hangar to the shop. Floats been cleaned, inspected, fixed where needed and reinstalled. Engine was cleaned, inspected, and installed with a new carb kit. Now we are working on the fabric for the tail section, panel clean up, re-wiring and a few new instruments. As for the wings we decided to go with a Clark Y airfoil (similar to the Christavia MK1) and instead of slip on covering the whole aircraft will see medium Polyfiber fabric and process. More updates & photos, video to follow.  

The Searey Project(s) - ..both have completely stalled! John's Searey spent the winter on the coast and ours was awaiting some work which hasn't happen yet. We did get the weight of the fuselage done and it came in actually not at all too heavy. So there is potential! Thinking all an metal wing (Riblet Airfoil) and a Yamaha Nitro/Turbo should make for a nice project and well performing aircraft. As for working on it last winter, I was just too busy skiing and playing with all the other toys. 

And finally if you actually made it all the way down here, here is a few clips from last winter. 

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