Friday, April 13, 2018

Let me start by saying...

Hello Family, Friends and Follower's,

It's not an easy task for any one man to follow and update the maze of social media platforms that are bombarding us every day. In an effort to bring everything from Facebook, Pages, WeChat, Messenger, Google+, Webpage, WhatsApp, Messages, Blogger, Hangouts, and you name it under control and under one roof, I have decided to reduce the places you will find information and updates into just a few. In order to do this, it will be separated into the static part such as our webpage and the dynamic part, this being my new blog and the occasional Google+ updates. In time it will all be Google based.
Why Google, you may ask? Aren't they just the worst? ..well to be honest they all are, but remember we all have a choice where to post, not to post or post privately and/or turn off our mobile phone, this constant personal tracking number we all have willingly chosen. I wont get into the paranoia of being tracked every step of the way, as far as I am concerned they, whoever "THEY" are, can full well know that I get my food from SaveOnFoods and I occasionally shop at Canadian Tire. Go ahead, track me, I'm just the another grey mouse in the system that covers millions, billions of folks on this planet. I doubt that at the end of the day its really that interesting what I shop for or post for that matter, with the exception for the likeminded few like yourselves that are actually reading down this far on my literary ramblings.
Now if you have an extremist view on government, religion and society as a whole and want to spread this hate publicly than, in my honest opinion, maybe you should be followed and followed closely.
As for the few ol' guys and gal's enjoying some skiing, hiking, fishing, kite boarding and recreational flying, ..doubt we are of much interest to the super conglomerates, especially if you're as frugal as a Scottish Senior with a Swiss wife.
The other real reason is that Google has become a great overall platform and what used to be a simple search engine and email thingie has entered the global stage to compete with ease, I may add, with the products such as Windows and most of all Apple. As a long time Apple user I finally switched last year, getting tired of some of the proprietary system they are applying and picked up a Google Pixel phone. The rest is history as one would say. How much easier can it get? Yes there is a few apps that I really like such as FotoMagico, iMovie, but Android based apps are out there and there is not only one but there is choice. But who knows, maybe in 15 years I may find myself at the same place as I did with Apple a year ago.
If you are still reading this and haven't grown tired, (you should really hit the follow button now) here is my thinking; can't leave Skype, I subscribed early on and it still has it's merit today as Google Voice is only available in the US and Hangout's doesn't do what Skype does. - correction, Hangout's Dialer does it!  I will have to try it out, before I'll change. 
Next is WhatsApp; well Euro's love it because it's not Messenger or Facebook, ..really?! It's encrypted end to end, so Mr. Zuckerberg testified to the Senate hearings, but it is still one of his products, hmm, not sure yet on that one and thus far it still works on my phone.
WeChat probably is my all time favorite and using it extensively in China, you gotta love it. Are you being watched you ask? I'd say no more than the usual NSA, CIA, CESIS and all the other 3 or 4 lettered conspiracy entities that are part of making (you paranoid) our lives so safe. It stays, too many friends in China that can't get Google and its products.
So this means that Facebook, Pages, Messenger (Skype?) are going on the dynamic end and most likely our webpage is to follow on the static end in not too long. It will be a bit of a process and re-shuffling and certain contacts will not be crossing over. I realize that and accept that!

At this point I'd like to thank all those who have moved over, subscribed as followers, are still me friends even though the format has changed. Let me remind you that this platform is as dynamic as the world around us, by all means a work in progress, let us boldly go and see where it takes us!