Saturday, June 12, 2021

Forward and Onward in 2021

    I'd like to take this opportunity to update on the happenings here with us and what to expect for services in 2021. On a good note, we are still here, still doing the same thing even though at a much reduced level from what one might consider normal. While I'm no longer exactly sure on what "normal" was or was supposed to be, I've also never have been a huge friend of situation normal.  This to me, just signals stagnancy in some form or fashion in your life. It's some place we usually shouldn't hang around for too long as the associated boredom of situation normal is just a motivation killer in my humble opinion. So if you are looking for a back to normal way forward and onward out of this, Covid - Corona that is, ..better start looking again, adjust, adapt, get with the times and get on with what has become the NEW norms. Move along with fresh ideas or get dragged down with the masses all wanting to go back to normal. Nope, not going to happen, not on this little patch of grass in the Cariboo here.

    So how did things change for us, you might ask? Life as a whole slowed! Short 2020 ski season since we all closed early. Slow in the shop since we ended up in the first (of several) lock downs. A bit of a reprieve from the craziness during the summer month and finally drifting into a slow dark fall and winter with more shut downs and no ski season 2021 for us aging Powder Hounds. But time doesn't have to be a wasted, repair, rebuild, review, regenerate and move forward. And there is highlights such as seeing Brad taking his better than new Merlin GT back into the air in midsummer 2020. We had a great time in our shop restoring this beauty and it flies as good as it looks :-)), or at least that what he tells me. 

Brad getting ready for a flight! 

    And there is more and more Merlin's coming into the Cariboo. Good Choice! Chris in Quesnel decided to pick up an 80hp Rotax powered one and is finally enjoying flying it. 

                                                                   Chris' new toy! 

     And finally Damon from Williams Lake who went all the way to Ontario to find a homebuilt Merlin that is seeing an engine upgrade from a 582 Rotax to a Rotax Rick 670 and should be on floats come summer. Damon also just finished upgrading his ULPP to an RPP so he can introduce the next generation to the fun of backcountry flying. 

Damon doing a Test Run of the RR-670 

    Keep on keep'n on! Enjoy the upcoming re-opening and let's move forward and onward! I for one have little interest to going back to what was a normal yesteryear. Just think of the adventures ahead ;-) 

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